Port Moresby Future City

PNG International Business Summit 2017

The capital of our emerging and vibrant nation Papua New Guinea. A city where business, government and industry combine in a society that is a melting pot of cultures and traditions.

A city where people with ideas and goals from around the country, the region and the worldunite to shape a future.


A model city that sets a trend for the rest of the country to follow.


The Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. invites you to be part of an event that goes outside to look in,

from a different perspective.


On August 22-23 we will meet in Brisbane, as leaders from various sectors – business, government, industry

and society - from within our country and within our region - converge to discuss development and explore

business opportunities within Port Moresby and Papua New Guinea.


Once again we have chosen the award-winning Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre to hold our business

summit. The Centre has won 161 major industry awards including the APIC Apex Award in recognition of the highest

client rating received by any convention centre worldwide.


So why Brisbane?


Well, sometimes it’s best to venture out and look inwards to see what’s going on.

Brisbane provides a perfect host city to do so. A vibrant city that has evolved in to a thriving metropolis that balances

business, retail and recreational pursuits.


Brisbane also hosted the 2014 G20 summit and nearby neighbour city Gold Coast is due to host the 2018

Commonwealth Games.


At the conference we will be hearing how other cities have also developed.


Cities such as Cairns in Australia; and Shenzhen in China. Cities from which we can learn. And of course we will be

hearing how Port Moresby itself is evolving – at a rapid pace – with the APEC summit just around the corner.

Or is Port Moresby headed towards becoming a “mini Manila” – one of the least livable cities on Earth?

We will also be hearing from experts that rate such cities from good to worse – and how this affects investment and



One thing is apparent – what happens in Port Moresby will shape the future of Papua New Guinea.

We now invite you to be part of this important event where information, ideas and knowledge, as well as business

cards will be exchanged as we come together to discover the future of Port Moresby, capital city of Papua New Guinea

and future world city.


In terms of shaping our future, this could be the single, most important event of 2017.


Brought to you by the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc. – because Port Moresby is our pride and passion.